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One-time Planning

Want a professional review of your situation with no strings attached?

This service is best for DIYers who want a professional review of their situation without needing to hand over the reins.

About This Service

Holistic Plan

A full financial plan starts at $3,000 and includes the following.

  • Retirement Projection

  • Debt & Cashflow Analysis

  • Investment Analysis

  • Insurance Review

  • Tax Review

  • Estate Plan Review

A La Carte Planning

While personal finance should generally be discussed holistically, it's sometimes more realistic to focus on one area at a time. The following are examples of specific reviews that can be performed individually at a minimum price of $500.

  • Investments

  • Risk Mitigation (all types of insurance)

  • Tax (multi-year, forward-looking)

  • Debt

  • Estate Plan

  • College Savings

  • Real Estate Specific

    • Financial Analysis of Properties​

    • 1031 Analysis

All prices may increase with complexity. Investment management NOT included. 

Financial planning requires substantial information. To start the process, please click on the Start a Plan button to begin providing some of the necessary information. If you'd like more information, please book a consultation.

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