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Ongoing Planning

Want someone who's always there to help with life's twists and turns?

This service is best for individuals and families who want a professional who's always at the ready to answer questions and provide valuable, proactive advice about all areas of their finances.

About This Service

Ongoing Planning is the service that most individuals and families engage PFP for because it provides the most value for the cost.

Those who engage PFP for Ongoing Planning receive the following services with their membership:

  • Investment Management

  • Retirement Projection

  • Cash Flow and Debt Analysis

    • Including Student Loan Forgiveness Planning​

  • Benefits Reviews

  • Insurance Analysis

  • Tax Planning

  • Estate Plan Review

  • Situation Analysis

    • This is meant to cover anything else that may come up, but is often materialized through questions like "Would it be better to do this or that?" or "What should we do if...?"​​

Additionally, some may have the option to have 401(k)s or other retirement plans through work managed for an additional 0.30% of the balance of those accounts per year using Pontera.

The cost for this service is 0.50% of net worth (assets minus liabilities) annually, charged monthly, with a minimum of $100/month for those with a net worth of less than $265,000. The agreement is reviewed and updated annually, but is cancellable at any time.


Travis and Taylor have a net worth of $600,000.

Their annual fee is $3,000 (600,000*0.50%), which is charged monthly as $250/month.

Financial planning requires substantial information. To start the process, please click on the Start a Plan button to begin providing some of the necessary information. If you'd like more information, please book a consultation.

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