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Just Investments

Want to delegate research and account management of your investments?

This service is best for individuals and families who want help opening and managing investment accounts but don't currently see value in the other areas of financial planning.

About This Service

Even if you like investments, it takes time to research what to buy and to make sure that everything is done correctly.

If you delegate the process to PFP, you get the following benefits:

  • Professional Account Management

  • Asset Allocation Consultation

  • Annual Investment Review

  • Assistance Gathering Tax Documents

  • Potential Access to Alternative Investments

This service is included in Ongoing Planning, but engaging PFP for Investment Management Services does not include planning that isn't directly related to investment decisions. Additional engagements may be required for additional planning that falls under One-Time Planning Services at a reduced rate determined by PFP.

The fee schedule for investment management with PFP is below:

1.00% on first $1,000,000

0.50% thereafter


Noah has accounts totaling $1,500,000 with PFP.

His total annual fee is $12,500 calculated as follows:

$1,000,000*1.00%=$10,000 PLUS


Transition analysis to help you determine whether PFP is the best fit for you is provided at no cost. If you're instead seeking a no-obligation investment review, that service starts at $500 and includes tailored recommendations upon completion.

If you'd like a transition analysis, please use the Dropbox button to upload your investment statements or book a consultation if you have additional questions.

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